January 01, 2012

glitter throwup.

Hi Beauties!
You have been seeing alot of me today I know!
but I am making up for not being here for so long :D
I wanted to show you ladies what I did for my NYE nails
I know its a nasty post title ahaha! but its exactly what I
did for my New Years eve nails! If you dont know already,
I absolutely ADOREEEEEEE glitter, glitter anything
it could be makeup, candles, jewlery, ESP nailpolish.
I swear im like a bird, I see glitter or sparkly things & Im
just like ooooooooooo shineeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy! & am
immediately distracted. Hense why my blog name is
Polish & Diamonds, because I love diamonds because they
are sparklyyy. ANYWAYYYYYYYY
For NYE, I didnt do anything I worked & then stayed home
all night, im not really into new years which is weird,
because I drink at every possible opportunity
that I can get, except new years, im weird I know.
I have been wearing alot of black polish because I think
it looks the best under glitter. So I kept with my week
of black nails & threw a tonnnnnnn of glitter polish on my nails.
I did OPIs Black Onyx, with Color Clubs take the stage & orna-mented
sponged on the tips. Let me just tell you first CC take the stage
HOLEY MOLEY, it is the most gorgeous glitter, it has smallll
little baby gold glitters & then larger random sized chunks of
multi colored gorgeousness glitterness. It legit looks like pieces
of diamonds in this polish, I was SO blown away when I put it on.
ahaha okay enough of me going on about how much I love glitter,
I assume you all understand. PS, its pretty picture heavy :D

I blew up the pictures as big as I could so you dont have
to miss out on this mani & all its glory. but
Isnt that the most BEAUTIFULLLLL mani you have seen!
Gah, I was soooo upset that I had to take it off.
I need like 8 backups of Color Clubs Take the stage.

What do you think?? What did you wear on your nails for NYE?
Have you tried CC Take the stage??

Anyways Ladies
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Comments are always welcome!
If you want more of me ranting about glitter,
which I am sure you do, ill be here @polishandiamonds
Also check back every day to see my attempt at the
31 day challenge!



  1. I think it's gorgeoussssssssss!!

  2. I love this!!! It really does look like diamonds in the polish at certain angles. Love the accent nail too.

  3. Thank you Emm =)
    & thank you to marijo
    i love doing an accent nail, i think it adds something extra :D