January 22, 2012

Day 22-Inspired by: A Song

Morning Ladies.
UGH the weekend is almost over again, lameee. Getting
closer to my root canal :( not excited. So todays challenge
is to be inspired by a song, I had NO idea what I wanted
to do, I looked at so many lyrics to so many songs that I
liked trying to figure out how to get inspired by it, & I could
not figure out what I liked. So I kinda took the easy way
out :| I picked 99 Red Balloons by Nena, everytime I listen
to this song it makes me extreemly happy, I just love the
beat ahah. here it is for your viewing pleasure!!

Im not totally sure, but I am pretty sure it was done in
German first, maybe thats why I enjoy the song because
it brings out my germanness ahah if thats even a word!
Anyways so I basically turned my nails into a sky
full of balloons. I didnt go into the deep war meaning
of this song, I just kept it simple. I used OPIs Whats
with the Cattitude?, Revlons Red Hot Tamale for
the balloons, & Sally Hansen Whirlwind White for
the clouds & then just my black nail art pen for the
string :D Check it out ladies.

What do you ladies think??
Even though I technically couldnt fit 99 red balloons
on my one hand I still really really like how it turned
out & it was SO simple to do!!

Make sure you check out the ladies that I am doing this challenge
with & follow them so you can see what they come up with!!!

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As always ladies I love your comments so keep them coming.
& thank you so much for visiting & reading!!
I hope you have a fabulous Sunday.