January 29, 2012

Day 29-Inspired by: The Supernatural

Morning Ladies!
Oh sundays they are so bitter sweet, the weekend is coming
to an end, the work week is almost starting up again, hmphh.
I wish every day was Saturday, because thats the best day
of the week! I also cannot believe there is only TWO, two
freaking more days of this challenge, I am SO proud of myself
for putting the effort into my blog for all of January & it has made
me realize how much I love blogging, how happy it makes me &
that I love to interact with you ladies & blogging this much has also
taught me alot about myself. So I hope you look forward to seeing
LOTSSS of posts from me in the future! I have so many things that
I have brainstormed that I want to share with you ladies! So keep your
eyes peeled. I will hopefully have a better camera soonish - therefore
better quality  pictures! I am slowly but surely saving up!

Anyways onto todays post today is to be inspired by the
supernatural, & automatically when I think of supernatural
I think of vamipres. Now Vampires are something I have
always been a fan of, even before twilight, I know crazy right.
Dracula used to be my favourite story ahaha, dont ask me why.
So I did a vampire inspired manicure today! This tipically wouldnt
be something I would wear on a regular basis, I think it is more
for halloween. But I do really love the way it turned out :D

For the base color I used China Glaze - Lubu Heels, then just
a white nail art pen for the fangs & China Glaze - Phat Santa 
for the dripping bloooood.

What do you think?
Would you wear this on a normal day becides halloween??

& if your not already make sure you check out the lovely ladies
that I am doing this challenge with & follow them
so you can see what they come up with!!!

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As always ladies I love your comments so keep them coming.
& thank you so much for visiting & reading!!
I hope you had a good weekend :D


  1. I didn't recognise what the design was from the thumbnail. In the words of Aladdin: "come close, come close" showed me the truth. They look good but only for Halloween for me! Even though I share your vampire love. I read Bram Stoker's Dracula when I was quite young because I'd developed a love of vampires from a children's vampire story I'd get out of the library repeatedly, it used to terrify me! Love being scared :)

    1. AHAHA i love that u quoted aladdin <3 & thanks love!! yeah i agree too just for halloweenn

  2. Three words. That is awesome! <3

  3. It looks soo cool. You are so creative Lindsay I love it. And I also love Dracula :)