January 28, 2012

Day 28: Inspired by: A Flag

Good Morning Ladies!
YAY the weekend has arrived, I am going to visit my sister
& go to one of her two baby showers this weekend :D Im
excited to see the little monster again! So todays challenge
was to be inspired by a flag. & I chose the one place where
my most favourite person in the world lives. Costa Rica.
Her name is Adriana & she is the one who I originally
decided to do this challenge with, @moriesnailart, she
has become an amazing friend we are basically twins.
So I googled the flag & realized thank GOD it is so easy
to recreate ahah! Because if it was hard I dont know what
I would have done! Here is my inspiration!!

There were some with a little crest on the far left but I decided
that I was going to pretend that that didnt exist ahaha :D Sorry
Adri if that is actually an important part of the flag, I am not ready
for that yet! The colors I used were, Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White,
Essies - Aruba Blue, Orlys - Monroe's Red & topped it all off with
Essies - Pure Perfection from the luxeeffect collection & of course a
coat of my favourite top coat Essies Good To Go :D

What do u think??
I think they turned out pretty fabulous!

& If you havent already make sure you check out the
ladies that I am doing this challenge with & follow
them so you can see what they come up with!!!

& also dont forget to follow me on twitter @polishandiamond
As always ladies I love your comments so keep them coming.
& thank you so much for visiting & reading!!
I hope your having a good week :D


  1. Yay It looks perfect, I'm so touched you chose my flag. Love it! <3<3<3

  2. I like this!! So nice that you chose Adri's flag ;0).