Let`s Get Personal.

My name is Lindsay, yes it bother me when it gets spelt wrong, I know there are 8 ways to spell my name, but my way is the right way. I am 21 years old. I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Its pretty cold here most of the year, but I enjoy it. I never ever wear matching socks, it bothers me when they match. I also am very OCD about having the volume at an even number & ALWAYS having everything in color order from light to dark. Right now I am in school upgrading my highschool marks so that I can go to NAIT & become a diagnostic medical sonographer, which is the smart way of saying ultrasound technician. I am the youngest of 4. My sister & I are closest in age & we are 9 years apart, then my two older brothers who are 11 & 13 years older. I know crazy right. No I was not a mistake I was planned, atleast thats what I tell myself ahaha. I am an auntie to 4 of the handsomest little boys in the world & one gorgeous little niece. I have one child, well hes not 'technically' my child, hes my dog. His name is Diesel. He is a Toy/Minature Poodle. He is my baby. I am obsessed with him ahaha. He is one year old, His birthday is on November 14th, 2010. Speaking of birthdays. Mine is on December 27th. I just would like to say, having your birthday around christmas SUCKS. It turns into birthmas. But it is what it is. I have 10 piercings & I want many more. My ears are stretched to a 00g, I have my second lobe holes done on both ears, rook, tragus, helix, daith, nose & tounge. I really want a microdermal, but believe it or not needles freak me out. I am absolutely 100 percent terrified of moths, If I see one, or it comes fluttering towards me I instantly go into panic mode & scream & cry. Yes its pathetic im aware, but I am terrified. I also hate the feeling of cotton balls & fleece, they drive me insane. yuck. I drive a 2010 Mazda 3 in black, its such a me car, its perfect, minus the fact that it is expensive its worth it. But just a word of advice, dont be greedy like me & buy a brand  new car when you are 18 & cannnot afford it! It was probably one of the worst decisions of my life, but I am suffering the consequences & eventually I will own it. Hmmm, let me think of some other random facts ahaha. I want to eventually one day travel all around the word, some places I would like to see are Paris, London, New York, Egypt, & Austrailia. My favourite number is 8. OH I almost forgot ahaha the most important facts NAILPOLISH! My collection is around 800 now, I started collecting around the summer time in 2010. I blame my addiction soley on my mother, because she was sick of me having fake nails, so she went out & bought me the whole shrek collection & I just instantly fell inlove & could not, & still cannot, control myself. I definately could not pick a number one favourite polish, but as you ladies probably know I am a sucker for glitter polish, & have to own every glitter one I can. I am really passionate about polish. Im in no way a professional I just love talking about polish & learning about polish. & everything that comes with it. Especially you ladies. :D Its nice to know that I am not the only one so inlove with polish!! Were here to keep the companies in business ahaha!! I dont really know what else you ladies would like to know so there is anything else feel free to ask.

Thank you ladies for visiting, following, reading & commenting,
I love & appreciate each & every one of you!!
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