January 17, 2012

Day 17-Glitter Nails

Morning Ladies;
Remember how yesterday I said I had a toothache. Well if
you follow me on twitter you would know the ache is actually
a dead nerve in my front tooth, & I have to get a root canal
on the 24th :( I am not happy, but hopefully a rootcanal will
make the tooth not hurt me anymore. But todays challenge
makes me much happier than getting a root canal does,
because its GLITTER NAILS :D ugh, I wanted to do
everything I wanted to wear ever glitter that I own, but I
dont have enough nails! I recently bought some Nails Inc
from sephora, I spent a pretty penny on these polishes &
havent used them until today & OMG these are beautiful, I
dont know why I held off wearing these for so long. WOW.
The colors I have from nails inc are bloomsbury square &
connaught square, they are 3D glitters from their special
effects line. & I did some Orlys Tiara on the tips. Just
take a look at this beautifulness that it on my nails.

connaught square is mostly blue glitter with a hint of purple glitter
& bloomsbury square is a gorgeous purple glitter with a hint of a dark pink.
these polishes are beautiful.

What do you ladies think??

That is all the beautifulness for today!
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  1. Ahhh glittery amazingness! I love it :)

  2. This is insanely gorgeous, glitter at it's best. love it <3

  3. I think I know what's going on my Sephora wish list when i go shopping withy gift cards soon!