January 09, 2012

Day 9-Rainbow Nails

Morning Ladies;
Its monday :D that means one day closer until next weekend.
Im going to keep this post short because I am exhausted
& need to go to bed, because I pre-schedule posts, & I
just need to get back into a good sleeping pattern. So
on with it, today is rainbow nails, & I tried to brainstorm
for days on what I would do with my rainbow nails.
& couldnt come up with anything that I liked, So I
stuck with exactly what the day is, Rainbow, ahah
& I made kinda a rainbow pattern on my nails!
I used ChG White on White as my base & I used
a bunch of different colors for the rainbow. & like
always, becuase like I said yesterday Its hard for me
to do any mani without glitter ahaha so I added some
ChG Fairy Dust in the white part of the `sky`on my
nails ahah, its pretty hard to see, but its there :D

I got the nail art pens with the white lids & bases from Ebay. I think
it was something like 5 dollars for 24 nail art pens. So I couldnt pass
them up, they honestly arent very good quality, but what else can you
expect for spending that little so i`m okay with it. I dont have a red
nail art pen, so I used a red revlon polish & then the other two
nail art pens I got the purple from sallys & I dont know where the
green is from because it was a gift. Speaking really quick about
gifts one of my best girlfriends got me Revlons WHIMISCAL!

I really like the way the rainbow turned out I think its very bright &
fun & makes me miss having sun showers & seeing such gorgeous
rainbows after, ahah I love rain & rainbows. But gah it took me
such a long time so I got lazy & only did my swatching hand ahaha
the other hand is definately just white ahahaha; check it out!

What do you ladies think??

That is all for today so make sure you check
out the ladies that I am doing this challenge with.

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I am always on there & as always; I love
your comments & feedback on twitter & below.


  1. My dearest Lindsay I love your rainbows, once again we make a very similar post, love it <3

  2. Pretty!! Rainbows are so pretty and make me cheerful, lol.

  3. Ahh I like! I unfortunately didn't have stripers so I had to use a thin paint brush haha so time consuming.

  4. I've given you the Cute Blog Award! http://www.notesandnails.com/2012/01/cute-blog-award.html

  5. @holly, yeah i got some nail art brushes from ebay, they really help!
    & thanks for the feedback ladies.