January 01, 2012

Day 1-Red Nails

Hey Ladies.
So today January 1st 2012, marks the first day of the 31 Day
Challenge! Day one is Red Nails. This post is going to be at a later
time than the ones upcoming because Adri & I decided pretty out
of the blue to start the challenge today ahaha!

Red nails are probably one of the most common mani`s that are done.
I myself am not a hugeeeeeeeeeeee fan of red nails, maybe its because
I just havent found the PERFECT shade of red polish that i love. So if you have
any red nailpolish suggestions for me that I need to try, let me know
I love hearing your girls feedbacks, & I espically love talking about polishes!
haha I am a nailpolish hoarder, so im definately open to suggestions!
I kept it pretty simple for my red nails today.
I used 3 coats of OPI`s Big Apple Red.
I think that big apple red, is probably the most true shade
of red polish that I have in my collection, others are tooo
dark, not dark enough, or have shimmer.

Well there it is ladies.
Day 1 of the 31 day challenge
Make sure you check out Adri`s blog to see what she came up with today
& also just know I love comments, wheather it is down below
or on my twitter @polishandiamonds 
I appriceate when people give me feedback it makes me feel good about blogging =)
& also I love talking & making new friends who also love polish as much as I do.
Anyways Ladies, I hope the start of your new year has been awesome so far;
What do you think? Have you done the 31 day challenge?
I look forward to talking to you all sooon!
❤ Lindsay


  1. I love it, this shade has been in my wish list forever <3

  2. This looks great on you!

    I am a big red lover ;0). I really like Orly Star Splangled (it has shimmer in it). Some other reds I have, and yet to try are Revlon's All Fired Up, Revlon's Cherry Crush and Love & Beauty Red. Though I haven't worn them yet, they all look lovely in the bottle. I know I have more, but those are the first that come to mind.

  3. Thanks MariJo! I have that orly one! i think its a bit on the sheer side, although i havent used it yet. All fired up looks really nice though i might have to try to look for that one!! but cherry crush is to marooney.let me know if you post on all fired up!!! cause i wanna see what its like :) thanks for your comments love

  4. My all-time favorite red in my stash has to be Zoya Sooki! Love it! <3

  5. Yeah! i heard zoya sooki was very good =)
    i want it because of true blood ahah
    but i cant get zoya here :(

  6. I'll definitely let you know Lindsay ;0).