January 14, 2012

Day 14-Flower Nails

Morning Ladies
hope you all had a safe friday night :D My boyfriend
& I went to a hockey game, it was alot of fun!!
Today is Flower Nails! I got so excited to do these
because I ordered these little flower decals from Viva
La Nails, if you are curious about them check here.
I knew I wanted to use these flowers for my mani today
but I couldnt figure out how to incorporate them!
So like ive been doing lately I just let my mind run
buck wild & came up with something I am very
very please with! I used Chanels Particulere. A few
nights ago we were all talking about polishes & I
started talking about expensive polishes & I honestly
forgot I had this beauty in my collection because I have
never worn it before, bad lindsay. But I put it on &
INSTANTLY fell in love. It is like a muddy taupe purple
brown polish, honestly if you are thinking about forking out
for a nice polish, you definately need this one! Then I stamped
it with my BM Plate 12 & im starting to be a fan of stamping,
the more practice the better im seeming to get :D Then
the gold flowers looked a bit out of place & since I was
inspired by Adri's polka dot nails, I put pieces of SOPIs
Only gold for me topcoat, which I am obsessed with, in
the middle of the flower & WOW. Its amazing.
Just look;

Im really getting good at these challenges!!
What do you ladies think?

That is all for today so make sure you check
out the ladies that I am doing this challenge with
& follow them so you can see what they come up with.
Tawny - Nail Art by Tawny  & @Tawny_Tawknee_

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& as always ladies I love your comments :D
I hope your having an awesome weekend
thanks for visiting!!


  1. Oh I really like these colours together. This is retro and yet soft :)
    Very pretty

  2. Your turning into quite the artist love. I'm so proud of your stamping and how the design turned out. <3

    1. thanks baby!!! :D ive been trying so hardd :D
      yay im glad you love it!!

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!!!! I've been searching for a perfect milk chocolate brown like this! and i love the use of this brown with cute daisy looking flowers! :) total perfection girlfriend! I'm jealous...i def want to duplicate this look!

    1. thanks ryan :D Let me know if you recreate it!