January 26, 2012

Day 26-Inspired by: A Pattern

Morning Ladies!!
Its Thursday already YAY!!! thank god ahaha!! Todays
challenge is inspired by a pattern & I am honestly not one
much for patterns, they kinda intimidate me, so I stick to
just straight solid colors, atleast when it comes to clothing.
But I am a fan of patterns on other people, weird right. I
think I just appriceate them having to courage to wear such
bold out of the ordinary patterns, the only pattern that I will
wear is leopard ahah. So one of my most favourite shows is
Gossip Girl. & Blair, OMG she is my absolute favourite,
she is such a bitch I just love her! & her wardrobe is amazing!
Its just so funky & out of the ordinary & bold, I am aspiring
to be like her one day! So I found this dress on google & I
fell in LOVE.

This dress is AMAZING, I am obsessed with flowers & this
dress just SCREAMS summer at me, so I knew I needed to
attempt to recreate it. Like I have said previsoully I am not a
professional by anymeans & nail art isnt my strong suit, but I
am trying new things & branching out a bit. So this is what I
came up with!

I think I did a pretty amazing job :D I used Sally Hansen's - Whirlwind White
for the base, with a thin layer of ChG - For Audrey, then for the flowers/pattern
I used Joe Fresh - Grape, WNW- Saved by the Blue, Sally Hansen - Lightning,
OPIs- Who the Shrek are you? & OPIs - Ginger Bells.

What do you think?
OH & p.s. do you see how AWFUL my thumb nail is.
yep I cut off my nail because it split about a week ago.
if you look closely at previous posts you can see it through
the polish, but I did not want to cut it off at all! but it was
hurting so bad, that I caved, UGHHHHHH its so awful.

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with & follow them so you can see what they come up with!!!

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As always ladies I love your comments so keep them coming.
& thank you so much for visiting & reading!!
I hope your having a good week :D


  1. LOVE IT!!! This is awesome and looks JUST like your inspiration :o)

  2. You seriously nailed this one. the pattern looks exactly like the dress. Love it!!!