January 04, 2012

Day 4-Green Nails

Morning Ladies

Today is day 4 of the 31 day challenge! Green nails.
Doing this challange has showed me that I tend to hoard
more of certain colors, & green definately isnt one of them.
I have a few decent ones, but I perfer turquoise to green.
For todays post I used OPIs Jade is the new black!
This is probably one of my most used green polishes,
out of the few that I do own,  because it is one of the
colors of our football team, & since I tend to do my nails
this color when I go to games. Because its appropriate,
& I wouldnt be a proper nail polish lover-addict, if I didnt
do my nails to match every single event that I go to ahaha,
you ladies understand! Anyways so yes, OPIs jade is the
new black with Zoyas Ivanka on the corners & the accent
finger different of course, because I adore accent nails.
I LOVE Zoya polish, & once upon a time I ordered
4 Zoya polishes from a website that shipped Zoya to Canada
& guess what, I dont remember what that website was for
the LIFE of me, I keep searching but come up blank. Which
depresses me, because I need more Zoyas, one day maybe
I will get lucky & find Zoya in Canada, but until that day
my life wont be fully fulfilled ahaha, those are the words
of a true addict. ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSSS
MAN I get so side tracked sowwyy :)

Alright here are my Green Nails.

God this makes me miss football so much!
What do you ladies think?
Do you do your nails to match the event your going to?
Do you have any green recommendations for me?

Make sure you check out all the other lovely ladies
who are doing this 31 day challenge with me,
& follow them on twitter so you can see what
we come up with each day :D

Thank you for visiting my blog ladies.
Hope you have a fabulous hump day :D


  1. Great nails Linds, loving the glitter accent <3

  2. Green polish look so great on you!
    I am definitely going to have to go on the hunt for this polish.

  3. I love this! I haven't tried zoya that glittery green is super pretty! I don't usually match my polish to event but it happens on occasion!! Once I matched my polish to my winter jacket without even knowing it lol

  4. I love this mani!! I don't really match my nail polish. I just wear whatever calls my name, lol.

  5. This is a great color! It looks good on you and with the glitter too. Did you use tape? I don't match my polish to the event but I like to "coordinate" so I'm not clashing ;)

  6. Awh thanks ladies!!
    ahahaa i guess im the only weird one who matches my manis lol!!

  7. Tiffany,i tried to use tape, but OMG it was an awful process
    if the nail isnt COMPLETELY dry, the tape just rips the polish off!
    so I just winged it & tried to make it as straight as i could ahaha.you can see on my middle finger where i messed it up!!!
    & ahah yes coordinate is a good word!

  8. Oooo, I love that color, very pretty :D