January 24, 2012

Day 24-Inspired by: A Book

Good Morning Ladies.
Sorry my post is up a bit later than usual, I had part 1 of my
root canal this morning. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was
going to be, but still sucks ahaha. So today is inspired by a
book. I picked The Hunger Games. I am in the midst of
reading the first book because of the movie & of course
the ChG collecting is coming out in March, I think, ahaha I
am excited for the collection so bad! Im pretty sure I am
going to hopefully be able to own the whole collection
because it is so gorgeous & there is not one color that
I dont like!!! Just look!!

I am OBSESSED with neutral colors lately so this collection
is PERFECT for me ahaha!!
So the colors I chose for this manicure are Finger Paints - Meet 
Me At The Met for the base, it is a GORGEOUS gray blue black
color, China Glaze - Champagne Bubbles for the middle, ring finger
& some of the flames. For the rest of the flames I used OPI's- Thanks 
So Muchness! & OPIs - Take The Stage. I honestly am not very
good at nail art ahaha & but I still think the freehand drawing turned
out pretty well!!

 This is the only time I have had natural light when im swatching, 
What do u think? Do u prefer artifical light??

What do u ladies think??
Are you excited for the hunger games polishes, if so what color??

Make sure you check out the ladies that I am doing this challenge
with & follow them so you can see what they come up with!!!

Tawny - Nail Art by Tawny  & @Tawny_Tawknee_

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As always ladies I love your comments so keep them coming.
& thank you so much for visiting & reading!!
I hope your having a good week :D


  1. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh YAY!!!! so freakin excited about this "inspired by a book' mani!!! way to go! love the touch of photographing ur nails holding the actual Hunger Games book! I'm jealous i didn't think of that ;) great job on all the art & color choices! :)

  2. It looks great, I'm still on page one so I don't really know what it means lol! I'm most excited about Smoke and Ashes it looks really unique.

    1. thanks loveee! Yeah smoke & ashes looks AMAZING same as Argo!

  3. love love love love love this series and your nails!!

  4. and i'm buying the entire collection. ugh i can't freaking wait.

  5. aiyeeee… Hunger Games collection!! Have to agree, there's not a shade I don't like! :D