January 11, 2012

Day 11-Polka Dots

Morning Ladies.
I have some exciting news!! My sister had her baby yesterday
January 10th at 8ish in the morning, so me & my parents
drove 3 hours down to where she lives at 6am to be there
after the baby was born, GAHHH! He is perfect. & it was
so nice to actually be there after he was born, because in the
upcomming weeks I have some diplomas & hockey games,
so he came at the perfect time! :D

The next 10 days of the challenge are patterns & these
are the challenge days I have been looking forward to the
most because I have been wanting to work on  hopefully
attemping to get a bit better at nail art, & practise makes
perfect right :) Today is polka dots, definately starting
off the next couple challanges pretty easy ahah :D
I used a dotting tool to make the dots on my nails
& Essies Turquoise & Caicos & ChG turned up
turquoise, I didnt use any glitter though because I
thought that just the dots were enough, Even though it
was hard not to use glitter ahaha, let me just say, im
pisssseddd at my camera for not picking up the turquoise
color, & making it look blue, rather than turquoise
but it still looks good, I AM getting  a new camera
as soon as I possibly can, so I promise one day my
pictures will actually be goood ahaha, well check it out!

What do you ladies think??
Im really digging polka dots its such a simple way
to make a simple mani look more intense.

That is all for today so make sure you check
out the ladies that I am doing this challenge with.
We also have a new joiner :D Her name is Tawny
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I am always on there & as always; I love
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  1. I love it, you had me at blue, lol. I can't believe how good blue polish looks in everyone but me :(

  2. Ooooo turquoise i love that color! I gravitate towards them just as much as glitter sometimes!

  3. I guarantee blue polish looks good on you Adri!!
    Thank you minnie!!!
    ahaha same nicole, i havent worn it it such a long time but i lovee it!

  4. This looks great!! I love polka dots. I like how you switched it up with the ring finger and the thumb.

  5. I love this color combo!! Congrats on being an aunt!! How exciting!

  6. thank you ladies i love doing acccent nails :DD