January 20, 2012

Day 20-Water Marbled Nails

Happy Friday Ladies!!
Im just gonna start off by saying that today was my very
first time even attempting water marbled nails, I watched
so many tutorials, thank GOD for YouTube. I did about
39 different color combs & attempts at this & just didnt
like any of them, but then I guess I became a professional
& actually figured out how to make it work. I used Sally
Hansen Whirlwind White as my base & then marbled
OPIs Ogre-the-top-blue, Orlys Fancy Fuchsia, which is
the best pink color ever, & A-England in Avalon, which
is also the most gorgeous purple color serisoully if you do
not have this color go & order it from here, your welcome.
I am not completely satsfied, I dont think I ever really am,
it was nearly impossible for me to not get polish on my
cuticles & then when I got it on there, I couldnt get it off :(
So ignore the nasty mess on my cuticles still check it;

What do you ladies think?
Have you tried water marbling??
I think im going to try to practice more
because they can look pretty good.

That is all I have for you lovelies today!
Make sure you check out the ladies that I am doing this challenge
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& as always ladies I love your comment;
thank you so much for visiting & reading!!


  1. I find water marbling pretty much impossible. I am SO impressed by this! Great job!

  2. Super cute. It kind of looks like what melted crayons would look like. haha

  3. Omg I love it! I gotta go post mine right now!! Damn work for calling me in today!

  4. This looks great for your first try!! I've done it a few times and plan to do many more. It never comes out the way I planned it, but I always get great designs anyway. That's what I love about it.

  5. it ended up great for your first try! i love the colors you chose! water marbling <3