January 07, 2012

Day 7-Black & White Nails

Happy Saturday Ladies.
Day 7, woooooo were doing goood!!!
Black & White nails, hmmm, I had absolutely no
idea what I wanted to do! Usually I wear black &
white polish under a glitter with a clear base.
But I decided I wanted to do something more
elaborate than my last few post! Yay for trying
something new! I went buck wild & made my
nails all a different pattern. I really like the way
they all looked, different yet similar. I of course
used OPIs black onyx, because it is my favourite
black,ChG White on white, A white nail art pen,
some wet & wild black glitter in tangled in my web
& a sally hansen nail decal in a houndstooth print.
One warning with nail decals, esp the sally hansen ones.
if you open the little package that they come in, they
will NOT be good in the future, because they dry
out & then when you go to put it on, it just cracks.
But im not a pro so I fixed it & made it work.
Well here you go ladies take a gander at my creation.

I kinda really love what I did. & of course I had to
use glitter. because im obsessed. I just wish that
I owned a white glitter polish but I dont, yet.

What do you ladies think?
Do you have any simple white glitter polishes??

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I am always on there & as always, I love
your comments & feedback on twitter & below.
I read & comment to each and every one of them;
plus it gives me something to do at work!
So keep it coming ladies.


  1. Really nice! I love the houndstooth.

  2. You really did go all out! I love it. I'm waiting for some of the later challenges to break out my creativity! I wish we had gotten Tangled in my web by WnW lucky!

  3. Lindsay your mani is amazing and you used stamping that looks great, yey!! Love love love it <3

  4. thank you aimeeus,
    Thanks nicole! aaha i went buck wild! i love the way it turned out
    Thanks you minnie!
    Thanks Adri, i didnt stamp though!!

  5. Lindsay! You are so fancy haha I love this!! I love the Sally Hansen nail. I would never think to do just one nail.

  6. wowwwwwwww that ring finger pattern is badass! the whole mani is really neat :))

  7. I'm in all kinds of love with what you did with this mani! It's creative and super cute! I'm gonna have to try to recreate it :)

    1. let me know if you recreate it i would love to see it !!