January 05, 2012

Day 5-Blue Nails

Morning Ladies :D
Alright, so today is blue nails, & as most of you should
know by now, blue is my favourite color for nails, I think
it just looks so good! but.. ugh, this mani was a complete
nightmare for me! I used Finger Paints Cerulean Seascape,
because I have a craving for the new Finger Paints special
effect flakies, so I thought to give the other FPs I own
some love, so their feelings dont get hurt! & Orlys Stone
Cold, which is an amazing blue glitter. So I wanted to practice
stamping more so I tried, yeah I ruined my nails 4 times, then I
was just at the point where I was just so frustrated because I had
this vision & it just wasnt coming out how I wanted so I just wanted
it to be done, so I put in on, & photographed it & went
on with my day, so as you will see my fingers are all sparkly,
which im okay with ahaha, but I am not fully satisfied with the
messyness. But none the less, this is what I have for you.
If you ladies have any tips for stamping let me know,
maybe its patience, which I have none of. I guess
im just dooooomedd to never be good at stamping.
Well here you go ladies hope you still enjoy!
I do think the snowflakes are pretty cute.

What do you think?  Any stamping tips?

Well I hope you ladies are having a good week,
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  1. What are you talking about?? The stamps look great and I love snowflakes so it's a winner for me :-)

  2. YAY! Thanks, I think i could have done a better job forsure
    but i guess ill have to keep practicing!

  3. This looks great to me!! I have no stamping tips, sorry. I haven't done any stamping before.

  4. Hi again Lindsay! I'm passing on the Liebster Blog Award on to you. Check out the post on my page: http://marijonails.blogspot.com

  5. I've had those days too! Its very frustrating, but your snowflakes still look good! I have yet to try stamping so I have no tips, I really want to get into it though.

  6. thank you frosso!!!
    one day i will figure it out

    you should definately try tho!
    amazon sells red angel plates that i really want to try!!!