January 27, 2012

Day 27-Inspired by: Artwork

Happy Friday!
Okay im going to keep this pretty short & sweet. Todays
challenge is to be inspired by artwork, now Andy Warhol
has been my favourite artist since I can remember, his work
is so bright & fun & I am so attracted to it so Warhol inspired
me today! I originally wanted to create 5 of his art pieces on
each nail, but that didnt pan out because I wasnt happy with
anything & it was getting later & later last night so I decided
to stick with the easiest to recreate, I know I got lazy :( So
I went with the Campbells Soup Can. UGH I just love it
& it is one of his more famous pieces, in my opinion, & I also
love soup ahaha so this is a win win for me :D

I decided to combine the soup can with his more pop art
bright work & I did soup skittle nails! I have said this before
& ill say it again, ahah I do not have a steady hand so my
nail art isnt the greatest, but I am pretty happy with how it
turned out. I used from thumb to pinkie, Rimmel - Rapid Ruby,
ChG - Kiwi Cool-Ada, Revlon - Sweet Tart, Sally Hansen -
Lightning, & ChG - Flying Dragon. & for the base Sally Hansen -
Whirlwind White!

What do u think??
They are definately not my best :( & my fingers were too small
to fit campbells, so its technically camp soup ahahahah!!
But I am slowly learning & that was the whole point of this challenge!

Also I have been depriving myself of glitter, I think something is wrong with me.

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I hope your having a good week :D