December 15, 2011

Snowman Nails!

Hey Ladies.
So I attempted some Christmas nails!!!
As you should know from my Movember post
I am not the best at nail art! I dont have a very steady hand
at alll! So I decided to youtube some easy Christmas nails
& I came across cutepolish. Her tutorials are legit under 3
minutes & they are super easy to recreate! So i found this
snowman mani, & of course with my weakness for glitter
i just HAD to try it, So here is my attempt. I basically
just used a dotting tool, if you watch the video she teaches
you how to create this look.

As always I started with one coat of OPI's Nail Envy Original
Then i did three coats of CG White On White
One coat of CG Snow Globe; 
which is the most gorgeous iridiscent muti-colored glitter
that I have ever seen; its so easy to wear espically 
with a simple white mani it adds the extra sparkle.
Then created the cute little snowman face.
& topped it all off with SV
I think it turned out pretty well.
Very festive =)

Anyways Ladies thats all I have for you tonight.
Have you created any christmas mani's?
I would love to see them =)
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Thanks for reading;
❤ Lindsay

December 11, 2011


Hey Lovely Ladies!
Holey Smokes! Christmas is sneaking up on me so fast
im so so so excited, Christmas is definately my favourite
holiday ever, its just so nice to get the family together &
all the little kids & spend time together eating & drinking
excessively! I spent so much money on presents for my
neices & nephews, i cant wait to see their reaction!
So today i have for you some semi-christmas inspired nails =)
There is going to be christmas nail art to come within the next week

I have on Orly's Shimmering Mauve;
which i believe is a permanent orly color, but i picked
it up in a holiday set from Sally's
Shimmering Mauve is a nice pinky-mauve shimmer with a slight hint of gold.
Then i have on China Glazes Champagne Bubbles.
from this years let it snow holiday collection.
Champagne Bubbles is a dark yellowy-gold frost, with silver flakies of glitter.

Of course started out with one coat of OPI's Nail Envy Original
Then added two coats of Orly's Shimmering Mauve
but you could easily get away with one! 
& three coats of CG Champagne Bubbles.
& one coat of my trusted SV
I love doing accent nails they just add a little bit extra to the mani.
This color combo is pretty bold & different, but they compliment eachother.

Diesel also wanted to say Merry Christmas to you ladies =)
He thinks he is a cat, he is definately sitting on the back
of my couch, & that's become his new bed; silly puppy!

Anyways Ladies thats all i have for you tonight
Let me know if you have any suggestions for Christmas Mani's
Also do you dress up your dog? If you do i would love to see pictures!
Diesel loves when i dress him up =)
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December 02, 2011

Orly Sweet Peacock

Hey Lovely Ladies!
So I kinda realized that my last three posts have all been pink mani's
& i'm not even that big of a pink polish fan, I would definately have
to say that blue is probably one of my favourite polish colors.
Its always the perfect winter color & winter is my favourite season.
So today i have for you Orly's Sweet Peacock, such a gorgeous
metallic foil blue polish, with a layering on my ring finger of OPI's
Gone Gonzo a chunky silver glitter with small micro blue glitter.
I absolutely love doing a single finger layering, very Lorraine Stanick esk.

As always I started with a base of OPIs Nail Envy Original
Two coats of Orly's Sweet Peacock
-From this years birds of a feather collection
& a single layering of OPIs Gone Gonzo.
-From this years muppets collection
With my trusted SV on top.
I love this foiled metallic look of Sweet Peacock
it catches my eye everytime i glance at my nails.
Also Peacock feathers are just so so gorgeous.

Anyways ladies thats all I have for you tonight; short and sweet.
As always feel free to follow me on twitter @polishandiamond
& like my facebook page to see when I post.
Let me know your favourite color of nailpolish to wear.
& any good fast drying topcoats you love becides SV

Thanks for visiting Polish&Diamonds

November 30, 2011

Movember Nails!

Hello Lovely Ladies.

I decided that i was going to do my take on the Movember Mani.
& Since today is the last day of November I had to post this today!
I'm pretty sure i hate it. I suck majorly at doing nail art.
So the mustache looks un-even, but I tried it 4 times,
& by the fourth time I was so frustrated I stopped caring.
I love Movember though because I love facial hair.
Something about it is so so so sexy!
& I love that people are raising awareness for Prostate Cancer
I found out this month that a man is 35% more likely to
be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman
to be diagnosed with breast cancer. WTF.
I had absolutely no idea. Thats insane, you always hear about
breast cancer awareness & people passing on from breast cancer.
but for me personally i didn't know prostate cancer was so huge.
So here is my very haggard & butchered version of the Movember Mani.
For these photos i used;
One coat of my trusted OPI Nail Envy Original
Four Coats of Essie's Fiji
Two Coats of Essie's Lady Like (which i love)
& for the moustache Essie's Little Brown Dress

I guess overall its not the most ugly manicure
I am just dissapointed in how sloppy it is.
Hopefully blogging will help me become better
at nail art, fingers crossed!!!
Anyways ladies, thanks for visiting Polish&Diamonds
& as always feel free to follow me on twitter @polishandiamond

Did you do a Movember Mani?
or have any tips on nail art?
Let me know in the comments!

November 20, 2011


Hello Lovely Ladies.
Its Sunday, today i had a very very busy day with homework &
im getting a nasty head cold so i tried to nap today but 
i went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, IT WAS SO GOOD.
Even though i knew what was going to happen i cried so much, im SO excitedd for part 
two, i dont know when it will come out thought, but i cannot wait!

Okay okay onto the polish!
The absolutely GORGEOUS color i have today is by A-England its called Iseult.
It is part of the Mythicals Collection by A-England.
It is an absolutely gorgeous pale pink color with pearly shimmer
For a pale pink im pretty impressed that could have only taken
two coats to cover the nail, but there were a bit of streak lines.
So i put three coats of Iseult with no top coat. 
Im sorry about the messyish application!
I was to excited to take pictures to do a clean up
God the subtle shimmer is so gorgeoussss
A-England makes some of the most gorgeous colors
I am in desperate need of Lady and the Lake! ahh 
But Before Isulet i had avalon on & it was beautiful
I did it last minute before i went to the bar with a girlfriend
I took one pretty haggard drunken picture of avalon.
Sorry about the flash coming off of my clutch, 
which p.s. im in love with, its a cheap version of Alexander Mcqueen
Skull clutch, gah its gorgeous, im very off topic today i know ahah
but this is what i want my blog to be, i want it to be able to be polish
& everything inbetween, like all my other loves & obsessions
Isnt it absolutely gorgeous! I got so many compliments at the bar.
One more picture i took when i was fooling around with Iseult
i took this picture:
I just fell in love with the way this picture turned out!
so so so pretty =)
Anyways Ladies,
Thats all i have for you todayy
Let me know what you think of A-England if you've tried it
& also let me know your favourite polishes 
so i can try them out =)
As always you can e-mail me at
or add me on twittter @polishandiamond

November 11, 2011

Metallic Glitter Gradient - First Post

Hi Guys
FINALLY its about time for my first post!!!
im sorry its going to be a short one its my nephews third birthday today in an hour
& im not even close to being ready ahah!!! typical lindsay, anyways onto the post!
i asked on twitter what people wanted to see for my first post &
Dana or Polished Claws Up; who i absolutely adore asked for metallic
so i thought perfect, i just got some nailmail & i got some color club that i should use!
this is my first time ever using color club & i am very very impressed
one coat & the color was completely opaque,  im in awe

this first picture is in natural light
i started with one coat of opi nail envy original
then i used one coat of color clubs hot like lava
& then i did a glitter gradient, because i have a weakness for glitter,
using orlys vip & tiara
then one coat of my trusted seche vite top coat
it looks like i have little tiaras on the tips of my fingers! i adore this look!

this picture is done in artifical light
i desperately need a new camera right now im just using my iphone
so it was hard to catch the beauty of the gradient
i hope you guys like my first post
let me know what a good camera is
& im always taking suggestions for what you want to see next!
comment below or email me at
 <3 Lindsay

November 04, 2011

Welcome to Polish & Diamonds

I decided to finally start my blog.
Polish & Diamonds will be mostly nailpolish posts but i would also like to share other
random things that i like, I have too many obsessions to count! & Since im brand new
at this i would love your suggestions and feedback. Just a forewarning my posts arent
going to be very consistant! I am a very busy girl I work all day & go to school all evening.
But i am willing to dedicate my whole weekend to Polish & Diamonds & some evenings as well!
I am so excited to start this blogging journey so common join me!
follow my blog & my twitter @polishandiamonds & Im also on facebook polish&diamonds