January 15, 2012

Day 15-Delicate Nails

Morning Ladies.
Almost monday, BLAH. So today is delicate nails.This
challenge day is probably the most vague out of all of them.
I had a few idea, but none that I really liked, & then I decided
to look at my stamping plate, since im a PRO stamper now.
& found one that fit the `delicate` theme pretty good :)
I used Essies Topless & Barefoot & stamped it with my
BM19 plate using OPIs Designer De Better. I think
it`s pretty delicate, because its pretty neutral.
It was pretty hard to get good pictures of it, but I did
my best!! Check it out!

What do you ladies think?
What do you think delicate nails mean ??
Also what do u think about the new tabs on the blog,
what other tabs would you like to see??

That is all for today so make sure you check
out the ladies that I am doing this challenge with
& follow them so you can see what they come up with.
Tawny - Nail Art by Tawny  & @Tawny_Tawknee_

& also follow me on twitter @polishandiamond

& as always ladies I love your comments :D
thanks for visiting & reading!!


  1. Oh these are so Pretty! They remind me of like, a bridal manicure kind of :)

    1. ooooo, very true! thanks tawnyyy

    2. That was my first impression too! I may need to get stamping tips from the PRO stamper!

    3. haha i am a pro stamper, my only tip is be patient. :D

  2. This is beautiful!! I think delicate means exactly what you did. A very light and beautiful design ;0). Love it!

  3. I think this is just perfect for the theme. Great colors, loves it <3