January 08, 2012

Day 8-Metallic Nails

Hi ladies.
It`s almost monday :( ugh, I hate how quickly the
weekend comes & goes, espically since I didnt
have a day off this weekend. Lame sauce.
I just want to start off by letting you ladies
know that I think I found my new favourite
top coat, Im not 100 percent sure at the
moment, but Seche Vite has been replaced
with Essies Goood to Go. HOLEY BALLS
it is an amazing top coat, its like SV but
way way way way way better, it doesnt stink
its still smooth, the bottle is cuter & it still
dries very fast, I even want to say faster :o.
UGH I am in love, so i`ll definately be reaching
for G2G rather than SV for the next while.

Today is Metallic Nails, I ADOREEEE,
metallic polish, ugh, I guess I really adore
all polishes ahaha, but espically metallic.
My eyes just get so distracted by the shimmer
& beautifulness of metallic polish. I am on a
mission to find like almost mirrored polish,
people have told me that mynx is good, or
something like that, I just want a polish that is
like a mirror, if that makes sence ahah!
For todays metallic nails challenge I used
China Glazes Midnight Kiss & SOPI only
gold for me topcoat which was just released
at sephora & I snatched it up, because I
cannot let a glitter go un bought :D & I of
course had to put on glitter becuase I hardly
ever do a mani without doing a glitter accent
finger. What can I say im a creature of habit.
I havent used Midnight Kiss before & WTF
I have no idea why its gone so long unworn,
it it the most GORGEOUS gold metallic polish.
UGH, wow, & this polish just compliments my
skintone so much. Its probably become one of my
favourite polishes that I own forsure. I dont
really know what collection its from, maybe the
christmas collection in 2010, cause it has the
crazy silver cap instead of the tradition ChG
black lid. Anyways, its perfect. Just look.

I know the lighting in the middle one is a little bit different.
but it was very very hard to capture the beauty of the polish
so I felt like having a different setting would be the best
to attempt to capture the lovelieness,
Speaking of the setting, what camera do you ladies 
suggest? because I need one, I just use my Iphone.
I think it does suffice for right now, but I want something
actually legit, because now I am a legit blogger.

Anyways ladies.
What do you think?
Do you have any mani habits that you do?

Make sure you check out the ladies that I am doing this challenge with.

& keep showing me the love @polishandiamond 


  1. omg. i love this. def looking for it when i go to sally's next.

  2. Love the combo, now I want the gold top coat.

  3. Love it!! I have to check out that top coat.

  4. thanks ladies. The top coat is AMAZING, they have a purple one, a silver one & a copper one, the only other one i wanted was the purple one, but they were sold out :(