November 30, 2011

Movember Nails!

Hello Lovely Ladies.

I decided that i was going to do my take on the Movember Mani.
& Since today is the last day of November I had to post this today!
I'm pretty sure i hate it. I suck majorly at doing nail art.
So the mustache looks un-even, but I tried it 4 times,
& by the fourth time I was so frustrated I stopped caring.
I love Movember though because I love facial hair.
Something about it is so so so sexy!
& I love that people are raising awareness for Prostate Cancer
I found out this month that a man is 35% more likely to
be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman
to be diagnosed with breast cancer. WTF.
I had absolutely no idea. Thats insane, you always hear about
breast cancer awareness & people passing on from breast cancer.
but for me personally i didn't know prostate cancer was so huge.
So here is my very haggard & butchered version of the Movember Mani.
For these photos i used;
One coat of my trusted OPI Nail Envy Original
Four Coats of Essie's Fiji
Two Coats of Essie's Lady Like (which i love)
& for the moustache Essie's Little Brown Dress

I guess overall its not the most ugly manicure
I am just dissapointed in how sloppy it is.
Hopefully blogging will help me become better
at nail art, fingers crossed!!!
Anyways ladies, thanks for visiting Polish&Diamonds
& as always feel free to follow me on twitter @polishandiamond

Did you do a Movember Mani?
or have any tips on nail art?
Let me know in the comments!

November 20, 2011


Hello Lovely Ladies.
Its Sunday, today i had a very very busy day with homework &
im getting a nasty head cold so i tried to nap today but 
i went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, IT WAS SO GOOD.
Even though i knew what was going to happen i cried so much, im SO excitedd for part 
two, i dont know when it will come out thought, but i cannot wait!

Okay okay onto the polish!
The absolutely GORGEOUS color i have today is by A-England its called Iseult.
It is part of the Mythicals Collection by A-England.
It is an absolutely gorgeous pale pink color with pearly shimmer
For a pale pink im pretty impressed that could have only taken
two coats to cover the nail, but there were a bit of streak lines.
So i put three coats of Iseult with no top coat. 
Im sorry about the messyish application!
I was to excited to take pictures to do a clean up
God the subtle shimmer is so gorgeoussss
A-England makes some of the most gorgeous colors
I am in desperate need of Lady and the Lake! ahh 
But Before Isulet i had avalon on & it was beautiful
I did it last minute before i went to the bar with a girlfriend
I took one pretty haggard drunken picture of avalon.
Sorry about the flash coming off of my clutch, 
which p.s. im in love with, its a cheap version of Alexander Mcqueen
Skull clutch, gah its gorgeous, im very off topic today i know ahah
but this is what i want my blog to be, i want it to be able to be polish
& everything inbetween, like all my other loves & obsessions
Isnt it absolutely gorgeous! I got so many compliments at the bar.
One more picture i took when i was fooling around with Iseult
i took this picture:
I just fell in love with the way this picture turned out!
so so so pretty =)
Anyways Ladies,
Thats all i have for you todayy
Let me know what you think of A-England if you've tried it
& also let me know your favourite polishes 
so i can try them out =)
As always you can e-mail me at
or add me on twittter @polishandiamond

November 11, 2011

Metallic Glitter Gradient - First Post

Hi Guys
FINALLY its about time for my first post!!!
im sorry its going to be a short one its my nephews third birthday today in an hour
& im not even close to being ready ahah!!! typical lindsay, anyways onto the post!
i asked on twitter what people wanted to see for my first post &
Dana or Polished Claws Up; who i absolutely adore asked for metallic
so i thought perfect, i just got some nailmail & i got some color club that i should use!
this is my first time ever using color club & i am very very impressed
one coat & the color was completely opaque,  im in awe

this first picture is in natural light
i started with one coat of opi nail envy original
then i used one coat of color clubs hot like lava
& then i did a glitter gradient, because i have a weakness for glitter,
using orlys vip & tiara
then one coat of my trusted seche vite top coat
it looks like i have little tiaras on the tips of my fingers! i adore this look!

this picture is done in artifical light
i desperately need a new camera right now im just using my iphone
so it was hard to catch the beauty of the gradient
i hope you guys like my first post
let me know what a good camera is
& im always taking suggestions for what you want to see next!
comment below or email me at
 <3 Lindsay

November 04, 2011

Welcome to Polish & Diamonds

I decided to finally start my blog.
Polish & Diamonds will be mostly nailpolish posts but i would also like to share other
random things that i like, I have too many obsessions to count! & Since im brand new
at this i would love your suggestions and feedback. Just a forewarning my posts arent
going to be very consistant! I am a very busy girl I work all day & go to school all evening.
But i am willing to dedicate my whole weekend to Polish & Diamonds & some evenings as well!
I am so excited to start this blogging journey so common join me!
follow my blog & my twitter @polishandiamonds & Im also on facebook polish&diamonds