My Wish List.

Alright, Here is my wishlist of my polish lemmings.
This list is pretty much a reminder to myself on what
I definately need to keep my eyes peeled & what I
need to order online in the future when I have the
money; the ones that are like this are ones I want
the most. One day I hope to own all of my polishes
that are on my wishlist!! So If any of you ladies
could help me out with that goal & help to make
my list any smaller that would be awesome! Im
definately willing to take any of these polishes off
your hands if you dont want them anymore! Also
if you know any dupes for these polishes definately
let me know, or if you see  an extra of one of these
polishes in stores I would definately pay you to have
it shipped to me! Also I have recently started to do
swaps, & I am obsessed, they are so much fun. So
we could definately do that too!

      -The Sheild
      -Lady of the lake

          -Black Pearl 

      China Glaze;
            -Midtown Magic

        Deborah Lippman;
              -Bitches Brew

                -Ole Caliente
                -Warm and Toasty Turtleneck
                -Jazzy Jubilant
                  -Mink Mitten

                      -DS Original
                      -Vodka & Caviar
                      -Holiday Glow
                      -Espresso your style
                      -Miss o'leary's bbq

                        -Aincent Jade
                        -Green with Envy
                        -Midnight Sparkle
                    Stamping Plates;
                          -Any moyou london


                              -Essence - circus circus collection (any one!!)
                              -Clairns - 230
                              -Mac - Bad Fairy
                              -NOPI - My Sleighs in the shop
                              -Tokidoki - Latte
                              -Dior - Electric Blue
                              -Borghese - Almondine

                        Indie Polishes;
                              -Emily De Molly - Sakura
                              -Emily De Molly - Super Vixen
                              -KB Shimmer - Band Geek
                              -KB Shimmer - Lottie Dottie
                              -Colores De Carol - I smell Spring
                              -White Owl Lacquers - Water Lillies
                              -White Owl Lacquers - Cherry Blossoms
                              -White Owl Lacquers - Never Let me Go
                              -Lovely Lacquer - Put the Cupcake Down
                              -Whimsical Ideas by Pam - ANYY (Hatched, Kitty Glitter, Pb&J)

                          Thanks ladies for taking checking out my wishlist.
                          It grows every single day! So I might not ever
                          complete this whole list, but im going to try. :D
                          If you know where I could get these polishes
                          or if you are able to let me buy one off of you
                          let me know, either comment down below
                          e-mail me at
                          or tweet me on twitter @polishandiamond

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