January 10, 2012

Day 10-Gradient Nails

Morning Ladies!
Todays post is gradient, my very first post was a glitter
gradient, of course, so I figured that todays post should
be a glitter gradient as well. & as you well know, my
glitter obsession is out of control! ahah, so for todays
post I used Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in
the color First Kiss, I loveeeeee peachy polishes &
this mani made me remember just how much I like
the way they look & I definately need to try to
wear them more, Then I put Butter Londons Tart with a
Heart & China Glaze Snowglobe sponged alll over.
God it looks so so good,  but my camera freaked out
like a little brat & wouldnt take good pictures of my
mani :( so I was pretty upset, so some of these pictures
are pretty horrid, but I tried to pick as many pictures
that actually made it look half decent. ahaha
So if you have any camera suggestions let me know!
Check it out ladies!

I tried my best to take good pictures, I took bout 241 ahah.
im really not joking ahaha! but I found these 3 good one & I
think they do this mani justice, not the best but you ladies
hopefully can see what I was trying to accomplish!

What do you think?? Do you know any good cameras?

That is all for today so make sure you check
out the ladies that I am doing this challenge with.

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I am always on there & as always; I love
your comments & feedback on twitter & below.


  1. This is sooo pretty! Love the color of that polish.

  2. I love it! Really great choice of colors :D