March 25, 2012

Whimsical Part 2!!!!!

Happy Sunday Ladies!!
I know I have been lacking giving the blog attention for some time now but,
I moved out of my parents house for the first time & am living on my own
with Diesel :D Im absolutely loving it So I have been spending time getting
settled in my place & just having some Lindsay time ahah! & also I started
school in Feburary & its taken up alot of time! Enough excuses Im back I
have missed blogging more than you ladies would have ever believed!

So in Feburary I did a post on Whimsical & I asked you ladies if you wanted
to see it layered over pink & got an amazing amount of responses that yes
you ladies did want to see it over pink. So thats what I have for you today.

Im going to start off by saying, it is WAYY better over blue, considering the
fact that Whimsical has a blue-toned milky base, so over pink it looks a little
bit un unatural, if that makes any sence haha!! Although I do like the purplely
pink tone that it has over pink! In my first post I told you ladies that I was
80% sure it was LE, but GUESS WHAT!!! im pretty sure its part of revlons
permanent collection because I have been seeing it EVERYWHERE now!!!
So if you cant find it let me know & maybe I can pick it up for you <3
I used two coats of OPIs Mod About You & two coats of Revlons 
Whimsical, with no top coat. Check it.

Overall I do like the way it looks over pink its very springy!
But I definitely prefer it over blue, I feel like blue compliments it more.

Adriana from Moriesnailart suggested doing it over purple, so I will
probably try that next,! If I do it would you ladies like to see??
What do you think?



  1. Oooh I actually prefer it over pink, it looks so cool! Then again, I'm not too much of a blue person so that's probably why =)

    1. hahaa im such a blue person thats probably why I like blue more ahaha!!

  2. I wonder if putting it over a pale yellow or just any pastel yellow would make it a pastel green? I think I might have to experiment tomorrow! Love this over pink tho!

  3. awesome!!!!! loving how u put this over pink!!

  4. I think it looks great over pink! Congrats on the move ;0)

  5. looks fantastic over pink! my sister also layered whimsical over pink recently and says she gets hungry when she looks at her nails because they remind her of cupcakes.