June 10, 2012

Rainbow Glitter Galoreeeeeee!

Hey Ladiessss!!
Im finally done school & im ready to get back into a solid blogging routine.
This post I planned to do a LONG time ago & I just never got around to doing it.
Today  I have basically battle of the Rainbow Glitters. & as most of you ladies know
I am obsessed with glitter, ahaha just love it! So even though I knew all three of these
polishes that I am comparing to eachother were identical & D.O.D (dead on dupes)
of eachother, I just couldnt say no, so of course I bought them all.

So today I have for you OPI - Rainbow Connection from the Muppets Collection.
NOPI - Rainbow in the S-Kylie from the Kardashian Collection & Deborah Lippmanns
Happy Birthday, which I am pretty sure is the only one here, that is actually permanent &
of course its definately the most expensive one.. isnt that just always the way.

uhm, Yes please. how gorgeous is this picture?

I used 4 coats of each to achieve maximum opacity, there were still a few
bald spots but over all these polishes are super easy to work with because
the bottles are all JAM packed with glitter! The annoying part is getting glitter
off, so I used the foil method, which is just a god send when it comes to
removing glitter polishes, if you dont know what the foil method is its basically
just wrapping your finger in a cotton pad & then in tin foil & letting the glitter
get soaked off by the nailpolish remover, it works AMAZINGLY.

So as you can see by these pictures, these polishes are actually identical.
If you have one, you do not need to be crazy like me & get all three ahaha :|
I think the only way you would be able to tell if they were different is taking a 
microscope & comparing the amount of certain colors in each bottle, because
some have more yellow, or pink, or green, but thats just probably the way
they were mixed. 
Anyways ladies, thats pretty much all I have for you today :D

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March 26, 2012

WNW Color Icon, Ice Baby Dupes!

Morning Ladies!!!
Happy Mondayy!!
I usually hate mondays, but I feel like this week is going to be an amazing week!!!
Im going to see the Hunger Games, I have the whole week off of school so I will
get to swatch alot :D Im happy ahah! OKAY, today I have a very very extensive
blog post, its going to be hefty hefty hefty with pictures, so sit back & enjoy.

Did you miss out on the WNW Color Icon, Ice Baby Collection? I Sure didnt,
Dana from Polished Claws Up! found me all 8 & i love them & her so much :D
But dont frut! Because I found some dupes in my collection for some of them,
there are only 3 that I dont have dupes for, but if you know a dupe for Cost is no Issue, 
Rockin Rubies, or It's all in the Cut let me know & I can try to get my hands on the
dupes & compare for you!!! Okay so some of these dupes I found/have arent AS
affordable as the $2 that the WNW Color Icons are but none the less, they are all
pretty much D.O.D & they are a little bit easier to get your hands on considering the
WNW were Limited Edition! I am so excited to show you ladies what I have!
Here we go!!

Im going to start off with
WNW - Diamond In The Rough VS. ChG - Some like it Haute

For these pictures I used 3 coats of each, with no top coat.
This color is absolutely Amazing, its a pewter gray with
medium sized holographic glitter, its such a unique glitter!
I found the only major difference was the consistancy;
Diamond in the Rough was more of a thick consistancy
& Some Like it Haute was way more watery, but both
applied the same & both dried completely matte & they
are complete D.O.D of eachother & I would definately
pick Diamond in the Rough, because of the better formula
& cheaper price :D

China Glaze - Some Like it Haute retails for $6 & is from the 2011 Eye Candy
Collection, which I know was limited edition, but you could probably find it on any
online site that sells polish, like www.transdesign.com

WNW - Give me a Price Quote VS. ChG - Blonde Bombshell

For these pictures I used 2 coats of Give me a Price Quote
& 4 coats of Blonde Bombshell, with no top coat on either
Blonde Bombshell was basically like painting water onto my
nails, I think its ment to be worn as more of a top coat
rather than full on opaque color, which is annoying.
& the WNW was an amazing easy to work with thick consistency.
Im not going to lie I am a bit iffy on if I like the WNW,
its jam packed with an almost greeny-gold bar glitter &
tiny micro glitter. Its unique forsure, but I am still unsure
how I really feel about bar glitter, espically to this extent.
maybe after I wear it for a whole day my mind will change.
But on the other hand, Blonde Bombshell is an AMAZING
gold color, with large hexagonal flakes & mirco glitters with a
little hint of a copper bar glitter, now bar glitter like this I could
do every day, because its not so overwhelming & noticeable!
They are not complete D.O.D but its the closest thing that I
could find, but I would pick blonde bombshell over give me a
price quote.

China Glaze - Blonde Bombshell retails for $6 & is from the 2011 Eye Candy
Collection, which is the same situtation as the previous polish.

WNW - 24 Carats VS. NOPI - Glitter in my Stockings

For these pictures I used 3 coats of WNW - 24 Carats.
& 2 Coats of NOPI- Glitter in my Stocking. With no top coat
on either. These polishes are almost D.O.D, minus the fact
that, WNW is gold & copper-red bar glitter with a splash
of gold micro glitter, & NOPI is strictly red & gold glitter.
This WNW is a little bit more watery than the past two were,
& NOPI was a thin consistency but built up really fast.
Choosing one or the other I would probably go with
the WNW, even though it is a bar glitter & like I said before
I am unsure how I feel about bar glitter, this one isnt so in
your face.

NOPI - Glitter in my Stockings was part of the 2011 holiday glitter collection
It retails for $9, & even though it was limited edition I have still seen it in stores,
I found mine in a clearance bin for $4 :D

WNW - Back Alley Deals VS. Nails Inc - Bloomsbury Square

For these photos I used 3 coats of each, with no top coat.
These are D.O.D No doubt about it they both have the exact
same size of glitters & both dry completely matte. & yes I  did 
pay a ridiculous amount for these Nails Inc Polishes.. $20, 
because when I see glitter I dont even think I just walk up to the
counter & buy it. & I didnt even know about these WNW polishes
or I honestly would have never bought the Nails Inc ones, Yes I am
mad at myself. If your going to get one or the other, save $18 & hunt
down these WNW ice baby color icon polishes for the sake of your
wallet & your sanity. but regardless it is a gorgeous polish.

If you hunt, for months for the WNW polishes, & cannot find them,
go to your local sephora or sephora.com & buy the crazy $20 bottle
of gorgeousness called nails inc & have your need for this color fulfilled.

WNW - Believe me, It's Real VS Nails Inc. - Connaught Square

For these photos I used 3 coats of each.
Okay okay, So I am not as mad at myself for having 
both of these as I am for the previous color, because
thankfully they are not COMPLETE D.O.D, the Nails Inc.
dries & is a more dark blue & the WNW is more of a 
cobalt light blue. you have to look pretty hard at the pictures
to see the difference but believe me its there. Both dry Matte, 
Both Beautiful. But yet again, you do not need both. Hunt down 
the WNW Believe Me, Its Real for your life! 

Refer to previous photo for this part ahah, the exact same situation!
if you MUST have this color, go to your local sephora or sephora.com & spend the $20

Overall, I am SO happy that I have the WNW Color Icon Ice Baby Collection
Regardless of the fact that I have dupes in my collection for them, im glad I have
them just for the sheer fact of being a collector & having HTF polishes :D
I hope this post helped you ladies out & have some ideas on what other polishes
can fill the void of not having the WNW Ice baby Collection, or if you have the collection
but also have some of these polishes on your wishlist, that you can cross them off :D

I hope you ladies enjoyed this very extensive comparison post.
Until next time!

March 25, 2012

Whimsical Part 2!!!!!

Happy Sunday Ladies!!
I know I have been lacking giving the blog attention for some time now but,
I moved out of my parents house for the first time & am living on my own
with Diesel :D Im absolutely loving it So I have been spending time getting
settled in my place & just having some Lindsay time ahah! & also I started
school in Feburary & its taken up alot of time! Enough excuses Im back I
have missed blogging more than you ladies would have ever believed!

So in Feburary I did a post on Whimsical & I asked you ladies if you wanted
to see it layered over pink & got an amazing amount of responses that yes
you ladies did want to see it over pink. So thats what I have for you today.

Im going to start off by saying, it is WAYY better over blue, considering the
fact that Whimsical has a blue-toned milky base, so over pink it looks a little
bit un unatural, if that makes any sence haha!! Although I do like the purplely
pink tone that it has over pink! In my first post I told you ladies that I was
80% sure it was LE, but GUESS WHAT!!! im pretty sure its part of revlons
permanent collection because I have been seeing it EVERYWHERE now!!!
So if you cant find it let me know & maybe I can pick it up for you <3
I used two coats of OPIs Mod About You & two coats of Revlons 
Whimsical, with no top coat. Check it.

Overall I do like the way it looks over pink its very springy!
But I definitely prefer it over blue, I feel like blue compliments it more.

Adriana from Moriesnailart suggested doing it over purple, so I will
probably try that next,! If I do it would you ladies like to see??
What do you think?


February 21, 2012


Morning Ladies!
Today is the first day back to work after a nice long weekend
for me atleast, So I figured I would brighten up your Tuesday,
& still try to stay within the dupe post range that I have started.
So I chose probably my favourite polish in my entire collection.
YAY you guessed it Revlons Whimsical!!! haha if you seen
the title which im pretty sure you did you already knew what I
was going to post about but I like to give you a friendly reminder!

Anyways, yes, this polish is one of my most favourite polishes I
own & if you have been living under a rock & dont know this;
Whimsical is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air.
But I dont own the $19 bottle of Glitter in the Air, because I
honestly have never even seen it in stores & I dont think I want
it because Whimsical is already a god sent & it was only $5!
I searched everywhere for this polish & my friend found it for
me at superstore so I was super happy about that! I know this
kinda sucks for people who didnt get a chance to pick it up
because I am 80% sure it was limited edition, isnt that always
the way. So it is a D.O.D but I dont think you will be able to
pick it up unless u find it in a blog sale or from evil bay, im sorry,
but feel free to visit my post again & again to bask in its gorgeousness!

For these pictures I did one coat of my OPI Nail Envy Original,
Three coats of OPIs Whats With the Cattitude from the Shrek 2010
Collection, two coats of Revlons Whimsical, & one coat of Essie - Good
to go topcoat! Like I said before I am inlove with this polish, it is so amazing, 
& you ladies know how much I love blue polish & glitter so having  both 
of those things in one just makes this polish so much more amazing! The 
only thing is if you dont use a base underneath its pretty sheer & I think it
looks a little bit ridiculous, so to get the full effect of this gorgeous polish
you should definately do a base baby blue like I did to go with the blue
 hexagonal glitters, or even a pink like Essies Forget me Knots, would 
look amazing to bring out the pink hexagonal glitters more & give it a 
totally different look! If you ladies would like to see a post with a pink 
polish as a base definitely let me know & I would love to do it for you!! 

Thats all I have for you ladies today!
Even though I dont have the DL bottle to compare 
it to I still definitely think drugstore wins again!!!
What do u think? 
Were you lucky enough to get your hands on Whimsical?


February 19, 2012

OPI vs Drugstore Dupes!

Hi Ladies!
I sorry I have been pretty MIA for the last little while,
I was just enjoying my last few weeks of having my evenings
free before I had to start night school :( Lame. But I am back
& I have missed bloggin & all you ladies so much!

So I have been wanting to do dupe posts for such a long time,
& I asked some of you ladies on Twitter what your take was on
dupe posts & apparently everyone loves them & wants to see which
is awesome for me because I own a ridiculous amount of the exact
same or very similar color polishes but in two, three, or even four
different brands! I guess that I am always just drawn to similar colors
& when I see it at the store all I can think is OOOO I need it. & I never
stop to ask myself, wait do I already own a color that looks exactly like
this?!? But these three, well six, polishes that I am going to show you
today are good dupes because its expensive versus not expensive!!
YAY! & if your like me saving the extra few dollars to go towards another
new polish is a win win!

Anywayyyyy onto the post!!  
Did you miss out on the January 2011 OPI Katy Perry LE Collection?
Well your in luck because thats what I found some drugstore dupes for!!
First off lets start with the glitters, because u all know how much I love glitter!

OPI Teenage Dream VS Sally Hansen Strobe Light

I started off with one coat of my OPI Nail Envy Original.
On my pointer & middle finger I did two coats of ChG white on white
just to show what the base color of these glitters look like over white polish
rather than a naked nail. I did three coats of Teenage Dream on my middle &
ring finger. Then three coats of Strobe Light on my pointer & pinkie. These jelly
glitters are amazing, they are almost like a baby pink, rose gold color with micro
holo glitters, Teenage Dream is definately more jelly & has a thicker consistancy
than Strobe Light does. The only other real difference that I can see with
these two polishes is that Strobe Light doesnt have as much of a pink base to it,
it has more of a muted nude pink base, but becides that, they are dead on dupes.

OPI Last Friday Night VS Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Shooting Star

I started off with one coat of my OPI Nail Envy Original.
On my pointer & middle finger I again did two coats of ChG white on white
just to show what the base color of these glitters look like over white polish
rather than a naked nail. I did three coats of Last Friday Night on my middle &
ring finger. Then three coats of Shooting Star on my pointer & pinkie. As you
already know blue is definately one of my favourite colors of nailpolish, & these
jelly gllitters makes me love blues so much more. They both have micro holo glitters
& bigger hexagonal silver glitters. Just like Teenage Dream; Last Friday Night
definately has a thicker consistancy than Shooting Star does. As for the base color
as you can see in the pictures they look like the exact same polish. D.O.D

OPI The One That Got Away VS WNW Buy Me a Drink

Yet again I started off with one coat of my OPI Nail Envy Original.
On my pointer & middle finger I did two coats of Buy Me a Drink.
& on my Middle, Pinkie & thumb I did twocoats of  The One That Got Away
Okay okay these arent D.O.D, but this was the closest drugstore dupe that I could
find in my collection. The One That Got Away is more of a pinky-red with shimmer in
it compared to the deep maroon red in Buy Me a Drink. Both have an amazing consistancy
& were super easy to apply. Although when u take off The One That Got Away because
of the shimmer & pigmentation it will stain your fingers!! Not a D.O.D but pretty close!

OPI Not Like The Movies VS WNW Gray's Anatomy

Yet again I started off with one coat of my OPI Nail Envy Original.
On my pointer & middle finger I did three coats of Grays Anatomy.
& on my Middle, Pinkie & Thumb I did three coats of  Not Like The Movies.
These polishes are one of those 'ugly pretty' colors in my opinion. They are olive
green, pink duo chromes with a hint of gray.Not like the Movies Has teeenyy tiny
pewter gray micro glitters which just adds a little extra shimmer to the polish which
is always good in my books! Gray's Anatomy doesnt have the best application, it
was very hard to not get brush strokes & brush strokes drive me nuttttsssoooo.
They are definately very unique colors, becides these two brands I have personally
never seen anything like these before. Becides the little micro glitters in Not Like The
Movies they are definately D.O.D

So if you missed out on the Katy Perry OPI collection I hope this post
helped you out if you have been looking for a dupe of any of those colours.
Also correct me if im wrong but I am prettttttttttttty sure that the WNW &
Sally Hansen polishes werent LE & that they are all part of their permanent
line. When it comes down to it OPI costs around 9-12 a bottle & WNW
& Sally Hansen range from 2-4 dollars & like I said before gives u an extra
few dollars to spend towards another polish. I definately think the fact that
drugstore is so affordable, its definately the way to go!


January 31, 2012

Day 31-Recreate your favourite challenge

Hi ladies! today is the last day of the challenge & I just want
to start off by saying I am so happy I did this challenge! I am
almost at 4,000 page views & I reached over 100 followers
& that just warms my heart that you ladies want to read & see
what I love doing :) & the fact that I have a good community of
girls that I can talk polish with that actually understand me means
so much to me! because my other friends just dont get the addiction
so I just want to say a quick thank you & I love each & every
one of you for being so supportive!! Okay so I would like to know
what would you like to see from me in the future?? I would really
like to do some dupe/comparison posts, or maybe make it some
sort of series like battles of the perfect nude polish or something!
ahaa I dont know! If you have any suggestions just let me know!
Also I have a tonnnnnnneeee of nail mail on the way so I will
definately blog about it as soon as I get it :D

So todays final challenge is to recreate your favourite challenge
& me & the girls that I am doing the challenge with didnt know
what we wanted to do! we threw some ideas around & came up
with recreating our most favourite challenge day from one girl :|
I really want to evenutally recreate my favourite from everyone!
Once everyone gets a chance to catch up, but the day ends so fast
so I figured just picking our one overall favourite would be better
for time & we would actually be able to focus on the pattern!
So of course I chose my absolute favourite challenge day from
Adriana :D Just Click Here.  I chose her Day 11: Polka Dots.
Ugh this is the most amazing mani I have ever seen, Adri is SO
talented & creative to come up with this; I would have never thought
of it! I wanted to do a bunch of different glitters like she did, but
the chunky glitters that I own all have micro glitters aswell & it
didnt turn out nice, So I just used one color. The colors I used
are ChG - White on White for the base, Essies - Fiji, Deborah
Lippman - Whatever Lola Wants & for the glitter ChG - Doll
House. It didnt turn out as good as Adri's did but still I am OBSESSED
& you ladies know how I feel about glitter so this is perfect for me!


What do you think?
 You definately need a lot of patience because you need
to pick up each piece of glitter with a toothpick & lay it down.
but the results are TOTALLYY worth it! Im so happy that
will get to wear this on my nails for the next few days & wont have
to take it off tomorrow!! I also am going to tweet a picture from
work tomorrow in the natural sunlight so make sure your following
me on there @polishandiamond

Definately follow these lovely ladies who braved
this 31 day challenge with me!!

Thats all I have for you ladies today!!
Have a fabulous week!
I hope to see you sooon!

January 30, 2012

Day 30-Inspired by: A Tutorial

Morning Ladies!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHH its day 30. I cannot believe it. WOW.
Okay so todays challenge is inspired by a tutorial. I orignally
wanted to do one from cutepolish, but I have created lots of
hers & then I came across this, PACMAN NAILS! AHH
I was so excited when I seen this video & I knew I had to
recreate it!!! So the colors I used are OPIs - Flit a Bit,
Gosh - Silky Mint, Sinful Colors - Fusion Neon, OPIs -
Conquistadorable Color, Sally Hansens - Lightning, &
a regular black nail art pen. Check It!

AHH so cute right? What do u think?? 

& if your not already make sure you check out the lovely ladies
that I am doing this challenge with & follow them
so you can see what they come up with!!!

Thats all I have for you ladies today!!
Have a fabulous Monday!